Monday 26 June 2017

#AOJQuote of the day 26th June 2017:

 The thought behind bringing the GST is good but there is no clear roadmap for implementation. Already jewellery industry is in bad shape and the reason behind it is that the karigars don’t have money and business at the moment. While making jewellery it passes many hands and moves between 10-15 locations; it is impossible for these karigars to get paperwork done at all levels. Under GST, right from the bullion purchase to jewellery selling paper work and bills are needed; how would these karigars get it? I think GST would be like demonetisation and pull down the industry-especially small goldsmiths and benefit big retailers. Only the big retailers will benefit,” Samsu Alam, MD, Swarnashilpi Jewellery Manufacturing Hub.

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