Friday 25 November 2016

Reader’s Response

Few solutions for survival to remain in the trade and take care of our artisans lively hood and to protect their job.

 1- We have to create a consortium of likeminded Jewellers friends among ourselves. (Brand)

2- One gold rate across the country.

3- Group of selected people to decide rates on the basis of domestic market for melee and star of natural diamond taking its colour clarity cut & carat in account, to earn trust of our consumers. This maybe a very tough and technical work process  for people involved in to establish one rate all across the country, but a group of people seating abroad put these regulation on our business and we all follow it quite religiously. 

What I understand wearing jewellery and to gifts our children on their marriages will not disappear from Indian culture this maybe a temporary phase as demand and supply of currency at stake in present scenario,can be one of the reasons to purchase jewellery as it is not an essential part of any bodies life. 

Cashless economy is an only option in times to come as we buy all other amenities car or house etc. through bank transactions now the same system will introduce in our business as well, may be a proposed buyers will take Jewellery also on EMI basis.

 We have to endorse ourselves as brand to meet their requirements and to meet in competition of multinational companies are ready to enter in the country's market.

Thank & Regards To All.

Rakesh Kumar , Amritsar , India Jeweller Forum ( IJF )

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